LFE Capital is a growth equity firm that provides flexible financial solutions for health and wellness companies with strong growth prospects.

LFE was founded by Leslie Frécon. Her success as a business executive, working with senior management teams to develop and execute growth strategies, together with her appreciation for an underserved and growing segment of the small business market, formed the basis for the firm. A relationship with LFE brings expansion or buyout capital and an operations-oriented investment team who will dedicate the time and resources required to build a successful business.

Our Value Building System

We understand what it takes to build a sustainable business. We have a proven track record based on a disciplined approach that gets results. We are tenacious in pursuing the success of each portfolio company, collaborating with management teams to accomplish their objectives.

Our Investment Profile

We provide expansion or buyout capital to high-growth second stage companies. Our health and wellness strategy encompasses products and services that promote healthy living and improve healthcare. We have an interest in businesses owned or led by women or targeting female markets, although this is not a requirement. We prefer to be the lead investor and will co-invest with like-minded partners.

Our investment style is relationship-driven with a high level of involvement, collaboration and commitment. We welcome inquiries at all stages of development to begin the dialogue.